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As an exporter of worldwide exposure, we are committed to product quality and openness of our customers, all within the framework of experience.



Offer to the world the best pineapple and tropical products of Costa Rica


 Be always the leaders in production and marketing of Pineapple and tropical products.


Equipo administrativoThe name comes from a shortened version of the last names of the couple who started the business in 1989 “Villalobos Salas” (Gerardo Villalobos and his wife Nydia Salas). With Costa Rican capital, it was built with the aim of entering other export markets with Non-Traditional Tropical Products..

During the beginning stages of operation Productos Agropecuarios VISA S.A. focused its efforts on the export of waxed Cassava (Yuca root). We were pioneers in the area in exporting fresh roots, for in the past attempts had been made to put them in boxes with sawdust and plastic bags, but the cassava would have deteriorated by the time it reached its final destination. This was how Don Gerardo Villalobos together with a business partner developed the idea of coating the cassava with paraffin.

Later, Productos Agropecuarios VISA S.A. included other roots and tubers to their list of products, such as: Malanga root, Yautia Lila, Yautia Blanca, Coconut, Eddoes, other Taro varieties, Ginger, Plantain, Chayote Squash among others. Then, after 2002 they added Pineapple to their list of fresh fruit products and on  2011 they added Rambutan. At the beginning, the destination of their exports was the North American Market and a few islands in the Caribbean. Subsequently, exports spread to the European Market and Asia.

Currently, the company has 2100 net acres for the sowing of their products, a total area of 2300m 2 for weighing and packaging. Besides, it has a total of 100 employees in the plant and a similar number on the field. At the same time, it has its own repair shop for all the machinery and other agricultural equipment.

In 2004, 2005, 2009 and 2010 Productos Agropecuarios VISA S.A. participated in the large Canton Fair in the People”s Republic of China. The company also participates annually in the great “Fruit Logistica” fair in Berlin, Germany since 2005.